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Twitter Conversation Discovery for Indie Hackers and Founders.

  • Discover your audience's conversations
  • Listen to what they are saying right now
  • Engage with the right people at the right time

Validate pain points. Build your audience. Grow your product.

Discover. Listen. Engage.

Twitter Conversation Discovery for Indie Hackers and Founders


Learn the who, what, when of your audience

  • Identify your audience
  • Learn about the influencers
  • Pinpoint your target market

Listen to the conversations going on right now

  • Validate pain points
  • Learn about product fit
  • Eavesdrop on competitors

With one click, engage in the conversation

  • Build your audience
  • Grow your product
  • Strengthen your community

Free TrialDiscover. Listen. Engage.

Whom is this for?

Every founder and indie creator starts at the same point: Finding and understanding the audience they are building for.

Sarah Brandon, founder

Sarah Brandon, founder

I want to start with a SaaS product for teachers and trainers. Therefore, I need to find out where the important people in my audience hang out and what problems they have so that our software can help.
Robin Campbell, indie hacker

Robin Campbell, indie hacker

I wrote an app for busy business people who struggle to manage their time. Get The Audience helps me find them and listen to them so that I know which important problems my app still needs to address.
Giancarlo Ferri, podcaster

Giancarlo Ferri, podcaster

Get The Audience is such a powerful tool that helps me develop the close contact to our audience and find the right podcast guests, too! I see exactly who is talking to whom, at what time of day, and about which topics.

Free TrialDiscover. Listen. Engage.


The right price for you, whoever you are

Pays for itself with the cost of only one do-it-yourself search.

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  • Find topics they talk about

  • Find people in discussion

  • Find best time for posting

The good start


  • Social listening as in the Listen plan

  • Save interesting people as personas

  • Save quotes from what they tweet

  • Get crystal clear on your customers

  • Define their jobs-to-be-done


  • Everything as in Ideate

  • Invite candidate customers to surveys or interviews

  • (In-)validate your hypotheses by learning from surveys and interviews

Free TrialDiscover. Listen. Engage.


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