The easiest way to build an audience

The audience building toolkit for your SaaSpodcastresearchbookchannel

SaaS owners need customers. Podcasters need guests. Authors need readers.

Audience Explorer, Persona Builder, and Campaign Designer are three powerful tools to help you develop an audience for what you create.

Find your audience. Learn about their pain points. Reach out to them to propose or show a solution for their problems.

The entrepreneur's process of co-building a product with their audience

The Entrepreneur's process

Listen. Ideate. Engage.

Tired of creating something that nobody buys? What if there was a systematic process and a tool-supported workflow that helped you conceive, refine, and validate a solution for your audience's pain points?

It's here: Turn your ideas into Ideas Worth Building!

Listen to your audience

Discover them on Twitter. Learn the who, what, when of your audience, using the powerful Audience Explorer search engine.

Find out what is top-of-mind for your audience

GetTheAudience collects your audience's tweets and shows a word cloud with the most important keywords they use. Search and filter by those keywords to cut through the noise.

Learn about the influencers

Your audience flocks around certain people, tools, publications, or events? See the people in conversation, ranked by how active they are in your audience.

Eavesdrop on competitors

Explore your competitors' audience to see what is important for their followers. Maybe you can offer a better solution for their problems!

Ideate a solution for their problems

Using the powerful Persona Builder, distill the understanding you got during social listening, into a persona. Be inspired by your desire to help this persona get their jobs done.

Pinpoint your target persona

Model a human whom you want to help – including their Attitude, Behavior, Goals, and Challenges. Associate the persona with real people and their quotes from Twitter.

Capture the jobs they want to get done

You need to know what outcome your persona wants to achieve, as well as the situation when that occurs, and the motivation behind it.

Reach out to your audience

You bookmarked real people in your persona. Now let GetTheAudience reach out to them for you.

Survey integration: Tally, Reform, Typeform, and more

Fire up your favourite form designer and create a survey! GetTheAudience will automatically send that survey to the people in your campaign. Evaluate and learn from the answers.

Calendar/video integration: Invite people to a one-on-one

Let SavvyCal or Calendly book a Zoom room for you and a member of your audience. Conduct a jobs-to-be-done interview, face to face.

Save time: Use outreach templates with merge tags

Create a library of outreach templates. Build once and reuse easily. GetTheAudience automatically fills the merge tags with recipient name, quote, and job-to-be-done. That way, your audience will see exactly why you're contacting them!

Stay focused: Automatically remember the state of each conversation

When you contact lots of people, it's difficult to remember who responded, who agreed, and who denied. Let GetTheAudience do that for you automatically.

Public or private outreach: Use reply or DM, as you like

You can contact your audience with a Reply or a DM, getting the message built automatically from the template and the persona's data.

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  • Find topics they talk about

  • Find people in discussion

  • Find best time for posting

The good start


  • Social listening as in the Listen plan

  • Save interesting people as personas

  • Save quotes from what they tweet

  • Get crystal clear on your customers

  • Define their jobs-to-be-done


  • Everything as in Ideate

  • Invite audience members to surveys or interviews

  • Automatically build campaigns to reach out to your audience

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Free TrialListen. Ideate. Engage.