Podcast recording with Matthias

January 18, 2021 · minutes reading time

Hey, and thank you so much that you want to be my guest on The Audience Explorer podcast!

The podcast is about audience development, i.e. how an entrepreneur or a creator can find, understand, and engage with their audience. (An audience is a group of people with a common cause, for which the entrepreneur or creator wants to provide value.)

Questions during the podcast

Usually, I will ask a number of questions that are already predefined so that you can prepare for them. Depending on your answers and the spirit of the hour, we will have a conversation that can take us anywhere. :-)

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself and your backstory: What is it that you typically do?

Q2: (In case you have a product or service called X):

  • What does X do? What can people do with X? (in case of a product)
  • What do you do for people? (in case of a service)

Q3: How did all this start, when did you have the idea?

Q4: What is your audience, can you describe those people for us?

Q5: How did you find the first members of your audience? Was it pure luck?

Q6: What do you do regularly to develop your audience further? What are your goals for that?

All other questions will be spontaneous.

Setting up Zoom for maximum audio quality

We will use Zoom to connect. In case that you haven’t got Zoom yet, you can download it here.

For our podcast listeners, we need the best possible audio quality. Please use headphones or a headset, and a good microphone.

To get good audio quality, please start Zoom and make the following adjustments to the audio settings:

Part 1: Audio settings

Part 2: Audio settings

Last-minute changes

My email address is matthias@gettheaudience.com, just in case of a last-minute emergency.

Comments welcome: